Ensure supply reliability  with Divi’s Nutraceuticals

Ensure supply reliability with Divi’s Nutraceuticals

While supply issues currently affect all industries, relying on trustable partners has never been more important. Shipping and freight costs have skyrocketed in recent months, driving up costs for suppliers who must pass these expenses on to their customers and, ultimately, to consumers. But even before the pandemic, manufacturers struggled with ingredient shortages, leading them to seek out suppliers who could provide them with consistent delivery today and in the future.

Global leading supplier of high-quality ingredients

Divi’s Nutraceuticals is one of the world’s leading suppliers of functional and nutritional ingredients to the food, beverage, supplement and feed industries. Our offer includes many carotenoids – beta-carotene, apocarotenal, canthaxanthin astaxanthin, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin – as well as the fat-soluble vitamins A, D2, D3 and E. We manufacture our products ourselves and thus control the production chain and supply. We are also able to ensure full traceability of our products and guarantee their quality.

We invest regularly in order to adapt our production capacities to market demand. Many of our ingredients are made in Divi’s factories in India. The rest of our products are made in the European Union or the United States. They are stored in selected warehouses spread over different continents in order to optimize their availability and ensure fast and efficient delivery to our customers.

Flexible and trustable partner

With our expertise in the production and distribution of ingredients, we ensure that our customers – from multinational companies to smaller local players – get the ingredients they need to secure the continuity of their production. We inform you as precisely as possible about the shipping times and the delivery date of our products in order to facilitate your production planning.

In recent months, and throughout the crisis, companies in the human and animal nutrition sectors have had to increase their production to meet growing demand. Under these conditions, a strong ingredient supply chain is essential to the survival of many businesses. We are able to meet your needs and avoid long delivery times, in order to allow you unforeseen production increases, while avoiding the constitution of too high safety stock and the resulting costs.

Reliable manufacturer and supplier

Divi’s Nutraceuticals is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality ingredients with:

  • Long-standing expertise in active ingredient synthesis and product formulations
  • Integrated manufacturing
  • Rigorous in-process testing to insure product consistency, uniformity and performance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Global sales and warehouse facilities selected for highest operating standards and convenient, rapid delivery
  • Application, technical, analytical and regulatory support

At Divi’s, we listen to and understand our customers. We see them as partners in the success of today and tomorrow. Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your needs.