Consumer awareness for the numerous, well-documented health benefits of vitamin D has never been so high. The health crisis has further highlighted the importance of vitamin D in supporting a strong immune system. To help our customers meet the growing demand for vitamin D, we offer high potency and mini-beadlet vitamin D for use in dietary supplements and fortification of foods and beverages.

Divi’s high potency vitamin D3 for demanding applications

Our high potency vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 500 SD – is a spray-dried powder providing 500,000 IU per g. Spray-drying is a gentle process that preserves both the integrity and the nutritional value of the product. During this process, vitamin D3 is micronized into very small particles, leading to an easy-to-handle powder. The final product exhibits excellent flowability and does not generate any dust during use. Our technology ensures constant particle size distribution and an optimized concentration, resulting in excellent content uniformity in applications such as premixes. Vitamin D3 500 SD benefits from a reliable supply thanks to stable, scalable production at a state-of-the-art plant in Germany. 

Divi’s Vitamin D3 500 SD shows excellent performance in a variety of applications. Thanks to its high potency, only small amounts are sufficient to strengthen end products, resulting for example in smaller tablets and capsules. In addition, since Vitamin D3 500 SD is very stable in applications, there is no need to add high overdosage to guarantee the label claim. Vitamin D3 500 SD shows good tableting performance and is therefore suitable for direct compression of chewable and coated tablets. It can also be used to fortify foods and drinks, as it is fully dispersible in water, fruit juices, milk and other liquids.

Divi’s Mini-Beads for outstanding stability combined with content uniformity

Our range includes also vitamin D2 and D3 mini beadlets. Divi’s exclusive micro-encapsulation process provides excellent stability and grants outstanding uniformity due to the fine particle size of the mini beadlets, about 30% finer than our regular beadlets. Our Mini-Beads cutting-edge technology generates products which are designed for application in fine powders where uniformity is a key performance parameter.

Vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 Mini-Beads are suitable for a variety of applications. Besides hard-gelatin capsules and tablets, they can also be used to fortify foods and drinks, as they are fully dispersible in liquids such as water, fruit juices and milk. Our Mini-Beads show excellent stability in applications.

Divi’s extensive vitamin D2 and D3 portfolio

Divi’s Nutraceuticals is a global manufacturer and supplier of vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. As formulation expert of fat-soluble vitamins, we offer a comprehensive and unique portfolio of vitamin D2 and D3 forms in different concentrations. Our broad vitamin D portfolio includes spray-dried powders, microencapsulated beadlets, mini beadlets and oil solutions, which exhibit excellent uniformity and stability in liquid and dry applications, whether dietary supplements or fortified foods and beverages. Our range also includes silicon dioxide-free product forms. 

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Tailor-made solutions for specific needs

At Divi’s Nutraceuticals, we listen to our customers and understand their needs. We offer versatile and personalized solutions to help them achieve their objectives in terms of innovation and product development. In addition to our extensive vitamin D2 and D3 portfolio, we can adapt our product formulations and solution concentrations to fit the individual needs of our customers. 

Divi’s Nutraceuticals: a reliable supplier

Divi’s Nutraceuticals is committed to providing the highest quality carotenoid and vitamin solutions for health and nutrition. Our fully validated and backward integrated manufacturing process – from the molecule to the ingredient formulation – makes us a quality, flexible and reliable supplier and partner, backed up by global sales and warehouse facilities selected for highest operating standards and convenient, rapid delivery.

Divi’s technical and application experts will support you at each stage of your project, from the conception to the realization. Contact Divi’s today to talk about your requirements.