Nature-identical colorant with superior stability

About Apocarotenal

Apocarotenal, or trans-β-apo-8′-carotenal, is a carotenoid found in spinach and citrus fruits.

While a natural form is not available in the market place, Apocarotenal is a highly stable, orange to orange-red molecule used for coloration in foods and beverages.

Divi’s Apocarotenal

Divi’s Apocarotenal is a nature-identical colorant that gives a light orange to orange-red hue to a large range of food and beverage products. It advantageously replaces artificial dyes and helps food marketers in their transition to clean labels.

Divi’s Apocarotenal portfolio for a wide range of foods and beverages

Thanks to our formulation expertise, we offer an extensive portfolio of apocarotenal forms: spray-dried powders, microencapsulated beadlets, oil solutions and suspensions.

Divi’s Apocarotenal can be used in a wide range of applications. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Dairy: yogurt, cheese
  • Confectionery: gummies, hard candies, glazes
  • Ice cream: high and low fat ice cream, gelato
  • Bakery: croissants, cakes, cookies
  • Savory: vegan sausages, surimi, soups, chips, cheese
  • Sauces: salad dressing, cheese sauce
  • Beverages: soy milk

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Superior performance in applications

  • Light orange to orange-red coloration
  • Uniform color shade in food preparations
  • No red spots
  • Excellent color stability
  • Desirable appearance
  • Suitable for applications requiring high temperature heating

Divi’s offers a number of case studies for the use of apocarotenal in different applications.

Divi’s Apocarotenal Portfolio

  • Product forms include spray dried powders, microencapsulated beadlets, and oil solutions
  • Matrix (or carrier) variation in the forms supports specific application functions: water or oil solubility, use in dry blends
Product nameProduct CodeCold Water SolubleOil SolubleColorationFortificationBeveragesFoodTablets & Hard-shell CapsulesSoft-gelatin Capsules
Apocarotenal 1% SD/SF

Spray-dried silicon dioxide free powder

HNAP01Ex  x xx  
Apocarotenal 10% SD


HNAP10Dx  xx  
Apocarotenal 10% DG

Dispersible grade beadlets

HNAP10Ax  x  xxx 
Apocarotenal 2%

Solution in oil

HNAP02A  x  x  
Apocarotenal 20% LF

Suspension in MCT oil

HNAP20A x x  x  
Apomix 73


HNAP01A x x  x