Stable nature-identical colorant for food and beverages

About Canthaxanthin

Canthaxanthin is an oil soluble carotenoid pigment with a characteristic orange-red color. It occurs naturally in many foods such as mushrooms, crustaceans, fish and green algae.

Nature-identical canthaxanthin is used as a colorant in food and beverages. It advantageously replaces FD&C dyes and helps food marketers in their transition to clean labels.

Divis Beta Carotene

Divi’s Canthaxanthin

As an expert in the formulation of carotenoids, Divi’s offers nature-identical canthaxathin for coloration of a variety of foods and beverages. Both forms – microencapsulated beadlets and suspension – exhibit excellent performance in applications:

  • Excellent uniformity
  • Superior stability in both liquid and dry applications
  • Consistent color shade in food preparations

Our canthaxanthin forms are Kosher/Halal certified, gluten-free, non-GMO and do not contain ingredients of known allergenic potential. They are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

A variety of applications

Thanks to our formulation expertise, we offer canthaxanthin forms which can be used in a wide range of applications. These include, but are not limited to:

Divis Canthaxanthin Beverages


Fruit juices
Vegetable juices

Divis Canthaxanthin in Savory Foods


Divis Canthaxanthin in Fats and Oils


Fat-based foods
Divis Canthaxanthin in Bakery


Divi's Canthaxanthin in Dairy


Divis Canthaxanthinin Confectinary



Tailor-made solutions for specific needs

At Divi’s Nutraceuticals, we listen to our customers and understand their needs. We offer versatile and personalized solutions to help them achieve their objectives in terms of innovation and product development. In addition to our extensive canthanaxanthin portfolio, we can adapt our product formulations and solution concentrations to fit the individual needs of our customers.

Divi’s Canthaxanthin Portfolio

  • Product forms: microencapsulated beadlets, oil suspensions
Dispersibility Function Application
Product name Product Code Cold Water Dispersible Oil Dispersible Coloration Fortification Beverages Food Tablets & Hard-shell Capsules Soft-gelatin Capsules
Canthaxanthin 10% DG

Dispersible grade beadlets

HNCX10A x   x x  
Canthaxanthin 20% LF

Suspension in corn oil

HNCX20A x  

Canthaxanthin 10% DG (HNCX10A) Dispersible Grade Beadlets

  • Dispersibility: Cold Water Dispersible
  • Function: Coloration
  • Application: Beverages, Food

Canthaxanthin 20% LF (HNCX20A) Suspension in Corn Oil

  • Dispersibility: Oil Dispersible
  • Function: Coloration
  • Application: Food

      Regulatory Info

      EU: Canthaxanthin is not permitted in the EU as a direct food color.

      USA: The color additive canthaxanthin may be safely used for coloring foods generally subject to the following restrictions:

      (i) The quantity of canthaxanthin does not exceed 30 mg per pound of solid or semisolid food or per pint of liquid food; and

      (ii) It may not be used to color foods for which standards of identity have been promulgated under section 401 of the act unless added color is authorized by such standards