Antioxidant power for a wide range of applications

About Lycopene

Lycopene is an oil-soluble red carotenoid pigment which occurs naturally in a number of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit and papaya.

As a powerful antioxidant, lycopene is thought to protect the body from harmful free radicals.

Scientific studies indicate that lycopene may be helpful in supporting cardiovascular, prostate and skin health.

Lycopene can also be used as a food colorant*.

Divi’s Lycopene

Our lycopene formulations include microencapsulated beadlets and liquid suspension for use in a wide range of supplements, foods and beverages.

Superior performance in a variety of applications

  • Beadlet formulation
  • Easy handling
  • Direct compressibility without oil extrusion and discoloration of tablets
  • Can be used also in fortified food and beverages
  • Suspension in oil
  • Suitable for use in softgels

Divi’s offers a number of case studies for the use of lycopene in different applications.

* Permitted for food use in the EU as a color or nutritional ingredient; can only be used as a nutritional ingredient in the USA.

Divi’s Lycopene Portfolio

  • Product forms: microencapsulated beadlet and liquid suspension
  • Matrix (or carrier) variation supports specific application functions: water or oil solubility, use in dry blends
Product nameProduct CodeCold Water SolubleOil SolubleColorationFortificationBeveragesFoodTablets & Hard-shell CapsulesSoft-gelatin Capsules
Lycopene 5% DC/AF

Directly compressible starch beadlets

HNLY05Bx  xxxxx 
Lycopene 10% DC

Directly compressible beadlets

HNLY10B   x  x 
Lycopene 10% DC/AF

Directly compressible starch beadlets

HNLY10Cx  xxxx 
Lycopene 10% LF

Suspension in corn oil

HNLY10A  x x x 
Lycopene 10% SUN

Suspension in sunflower oil

HNLY10E x x x x
Lycopene 20% LF

Suspension in corn oil

HNLY20A x x x x